Gourd Fetish

by Chanterelles

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released October 20, 2015

Drums, Guitar, Barisax Recorded Live at Leisure Loop w/ RetroFeed Mobile Studios. Overdubs done at Leisure Loop w/ RetroFeed.

Recording Engineer - Nick Jones (She Don't Feel The Same Recorded by Sean McCann)

Mixing Engineer - Sean McCann (Lefty Desk mixed by Nick Jones)

Tommy Moore - Drums, Vocals
Joe Dowdy - Baritone Saxophone
Sean McCann - Guitar, Vocals

Album Art by Amira Kotze



all rights reserved


Chanter Elles Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: The Thing I Hate The Most
The thing I hate the most
Is when we plan a year from now
I think I will make a toast
To celebrate how far we've come

you could live in the woods
you've shown yourself to be a man
you could take a grown wolf
and satisfy its meal plan

drunken celebrations
every single night i guess
playing with your shaker
on the porch and in a dress

your sentimental factions
will make your life a living hell

meet you in the park
the walmart parking lot
Track Name: Omen
Omen Omen Omen Omen

Omen Omen Omen Omen
Track Name: Lefty Desk
Don't be late
take your shoes of at the door
take your coat off, chiminey
Don't forget all your company
Track Name: She Don't Feel The Same
open your eyelids
with just some smiling
books of intention

fine line
demanding your ear-wick
tickling dear tick
itch rich and out spore shit

those controlling schemes
and savory colors
controlling schemes
savory colors

I'm so excited to see my baby for the first time
but she don't feel the same
the festival had washed her brain

I feel she's fading from my junkie house to a new life
walking hand in hand
how can I be so happy and sad

if you leave me baby I'll be a new kind of guy
one with nothing
for me to look forward to

I fed your pet watered your rose in the damn desert
drying out now
never to moisten up again
Track Name: Just Another Gourd Song
I know he don't like you but you do
the symptoms of gourd talk don't hurt you
go get one dem things dry it out now
hole cut drain the gut invite crowds

I know you like don't you he does too
the last time I saw him we lost you
he takes the gourd shell to level sound
the crippling textures above ground

I like don't you know he don't got to
explain the past century's cartoons
perpetuating the wars around
seems like someone needs to put him down

he don't like nobody we brand new
pickling gourd talk to make up for you
go get one dem things dry it now
blowing up ashes above towns